18 Aug 2022|Sustainability

What is Soil Carbon?

Soil carbon is solid carbon stored in soils, existing in organic and inorganic forms. Read more on its practices, risks, and methodologies in our article!
27 May 2022|Sustainability

Quality Approaches in the Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCM)

In this article we will review initiatives which are underway with the goal to bring standardisation and definitional agreements within the VCM. We look at the current issues with quality and how new initiatives may offer solutions.
29 Apr 2022|Sustainability

Exploring the Corporate Approaches to Offsetting and Climate Contributions

Companies have started to recognize the urgency of climate action as demonstrated by a rapid acceleration of corporate’s net zero plans. However, in the absence of specific guidance on how to achieve these net zero targets, corporate approaches to climate action and environmental claims have varied widely to-date.
30 Mar 2022|Sustainability

What is the difference between carbon removal and avoidance projects?

Previously, we have looked at the pathway for an organisation's transition to net-zero and beyond. Inevitably, most organisations will need to invest in carbon offsets to reach net-zero as their operations begin to fundamentally decarbonise, and an organisation may continue to invest in further offsetting projects to reach a climate positive goal.
3 Feb 2022|Sustainability

UK’s Mandatory Climate Disclosures - Climate Championship or a Red Herring?

In the lead up to the COP26 Climate Conference in Glasgow last year, the UK Government released a flurry of climate-related announcements connected to policy and upcoming financial industry regulation. These included a new Net Zero Strategy, Green Savings Bonds, and a date to enshrine Mandatory Climate Disclosures (MCD) into UK law.
27 Jan 2022|Sustainability

Carbon Neutral Funds Are Heating Up

Investment managers around the world are increasingly waking up to climate change. From the decarbonization toolkit, investment managers are eyeing a new concept – “carbon neutral” funds. But what does a carbon neutral fund look like, and what does this mean for investors?