Global Forest Protection Portfolio

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About the portfolio

Millions of hectares of forests are destroyed every year, leading to huge carbon dioxide emissions that are not easily offset by reforestation. It can take over 100 years for these forests to recover, so it is crucial that we protect existing forests before planting more trees. This portfolio includes a geographically diversified set of forest protection projects which have been individually vetted to ensure your climate contributions avoid critical carbon emissions, while supporting local communities and protecting the ecosystems' biodiversity.

Delivery schedule

All credits in this portfolio are ex-post credits, which means they are all verified and you can claim them as offsets immediately.

Portfolio projects

Project types

  • 100%
    Forest conservation and restoration (REDD+)


South East Asia
Sub Saharan Africa

Impact profile

Carbon avoidance

Sustainable development goals

The projects combined in this portfolio meet 17 goals outlined in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

No povertyZero hungerGood health and well-beingQuality educationGender equalityClean water and sanitationAffordable and clean energyDecent work and economic growthIndustry, innovation and infrastructureReduced inequalitiesSustainable cities and communitiesResponsible consumption and productionClimate actionLife below waterLife on landPeace, justice and strong institutionsPartnerships for the goals