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Enabling climate action for the hard to abate emissions

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Our mission

Our mission is to empower every organisation to build a thriving future for climate, nature and people.

Our values

  • Transparency is our default way of operating, both internally and externally. We have to make an argument for something to be confidential, rather than the opposite.
  • Getting to net zero will require collaboration on planetary scale. We aim to promote collaboration internally and across industries, verticals and even competitors to achieve our ultimate goal.
  • We don’t put pressure on each new joiner to prove themselves. Instead we start with maximum trust capital to enable autonomous and distributed decision-making from day 1. The rest is up to you.
  • Every decision we make and every product we launch should be in service of our mission. There is no room for distractions, however attractive they may be.
  • Carbon markets are opaque, complex and lack the trust of those who can enable change. Integrity, or doing the right, not the easy thing, is imperative to successfully scale the market where it needs to be.
  • We trust the scientific consensus on climate change and the solutions to solve it. We ground every decision we make in reliable data and are not afraid to change our mind when presented with new data we can trust.

Our team

We are a diverse team with one common goal - to live on a planet with stable climate and protected nature.
We're hiring


Profile image for Maria Eugenia Filmanovic
Maria Eugenia Filmanovic
Profile image for Valerio Magliulo
Valerio Magliulo
CEO & Co-founder
Profile image for Lisa Walker
Lisa Walker
Chief Commercial Officer


Profile image for Tom King
Tom King
Head of Business Development
Profile image for Vitalija Lavreckyte
Vitalija Lavreckyte
Head of Origination
Profile image for Alicia Hudson
Alicia Hudson
Growth Operations and Portfolio Manager
Profile image for Daniel Fisher
Daniel Fisher
Origination Manager
Profile image for Sophie Arndt
Sophie Arndt
Communications and Engagement Manager
Profile image for Edoardo Ricci
Edoardo Ricci
Business Development Associate
Profile image for Mercedes Fuentes Velasco
Mercedes Fuentes Velasco
Origination Manager

Knowledge and Data

Profile image for Pauline Blanc
Pauline Blanc
Head of Policy and Advocacy
Profile image for Alejandro Limón Portillo
Alejandro Limón Portillo
Carbon Knowledge & Data Manager

Product and Engineering

Profile image for Lucija Penko
Lucija Penko
Senior Product Designer
Profile image for David Williams
David Williams
Senior Software Engineer
Profile image for Anton Jidkov
Anton Jidkov
Senior Product Manager


Profile image for Jimena Munoz
Jimena Munoz
Head of People & Culture
Profile image for Antigone Coté
Antigone Coté
Head of Finance & Operations


Profile image for Robin
Chief Bark Officer
Profile image for Coby
Head of Barketing
Profile image for Bowie
Treats Operation Manager
Profile image for Maui
Bark-End Developer
Profile image for Maria Eugenia Filmanovic
Maria Eugenia Filmanovic
Profile image for Fernando Gómez Fortún
Fernando Gómez Fortún
Profile image for Juliet Davenport
Juliet Davenport
Independent Director

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