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Pre-vetted projects
We developed a rigorous framework to evaluate carbon projects and the quality of the project developers so that we can offer you the highest quality offsets.
Portfolio diversification
Different offsets have different risk profiles (e.g. overcrediting, execution, geopolitical). We minimise your risk exposure with a diversified portfolio of offsets.
Focus on carbon removal
We focus on cost-effective carbon removal solutions in line with the latest guidance from the Science Based Targets Initiative and the Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets.

How it works

Tell us about your goals and constraints
We guide you through a series of key questions about your specific impact goals and constraints. This helps us tailor our offering to you.
Generate a portfolio tailored to you
We develop a balanced portfolio across multiple methodologies, geographies and impact profiles. Our fees will be fully transparent so you know exactly what you’re paying for.
Communicate your impact
We give you the tools you need for all your communication needs, from sustainability reports to marketing campaigns. We provide project impact profiles, certificates of retirement, project-specific assets and profiles on the project developers you supported.
Build a credible plan to reach net zero
We help you plan for the future and understand how your offsetting will get you to a net zero claim. We develop scenarios that enable a transition towards 100% carbon removal to offset your footprint, in line with the latest SBTI and TSVCM guidance.

How we choose projects

Our team has first-hand experience decoding the complexity of carbon protocols and methodologies. We understand that one ton of CO2e is not always one ton and that there is a world-wide disparity in the quality of the carbon credits you may buy.

We source carbon projects from established registries, such as Verra’s Verified Carbon Standards and Gold Standard, as well as from open-source databases, e.g. carbon(plan).

We use our proprietary framework to evaluate the quality of the offsets and the project developers and only offer the highest-rated carbon offsets.

Evaluation criteria
  • Cost
  • Additionality
  • Permanence
  • Verifiability
  • Quality of the developer
  • Volume and scalability
  • Co-benefits
  • Jurisdictional rights

Carbon solutions we support

Nature-based Solutions
Use nature to sequester more carbon in the biosphere. This includes growing forests where there was none before (afforestation) or re-establishing a forest where there was one in the past (reforestation), as well as restoration of coastal and marine habitats.
Enhanced Natural Solutions
Include land management approaches to increase the carbon content in soils as well as less developed approaches such as enhanced weathering which accelerate natural CO2 absorption in mineral rocks and oceans.
Technology-based Removal Solutions
Include bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) and direct air capture, which coupled with geological storage, can help remove CO2 directly from the atmosphere.

About us

Profile image for Maria
Maria Eugenia Filmanovic
Maria Eugenia worked as a Vice President at Goldman Sachs and advised large corporates and institutional investors on nature-based carbon removal and impact investment portfolios, most recently focused on work around carbon procurement
Profile image for Valerio
Valerio Magliulo
Valerio has extensive Product and Ops experience across all stages of tech (seed, scale-up, growth, big tech), including Uber, Monzo, Google and recently Facebook, where he led their global efforts to fight COVID-19 and vaccine misinformation.
Profile image for Eduard
Eduard Schikurski
Head of Engineering
Ed is a full-stack engineer who worked previously as a Staff Engineer at Monzo where he led the development of internal operations tooling and helped to bootstrap and scale the company’s web engineering discipline.
Our mission

Voluntary carbon offsetting is a critical part of a net zero plan, but getting offsetting wrong is a reputational liability.

We help companies navigate the complexity of the voluntary carbon markets and build a credible and rigorous path to net zero.

Together, we can scale carbon removal solutions to align corporate action to the 1.5°C Paris goal.

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Carbon offsetting you can trust

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