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Launching Developer Carbon Stories Season 1

Published: 15 Dec 2022
Last updated: 20 Dec 2022

Over the last few months our team has interviewed some of the most innovative entrepreneurs on the planet. They are not the typical entrepreneurs that you find in the Silicon Valley. Most of the time they are in the field, working with farmers, indigenous communities, scientists, teachers, and labourers.

They also work with technology, software, and developers, but are not building social networks, VR apps or new blockchain technologies. They are fighting a battle that will affect or already affects all of us - climate change.

Developing Carbon Stories Season 1 Announcement

Developing Carbon Stories is a podcast about the project developers creating the most innovative & impactful carbon projects in the world. Each episode our host David Reside, speaks with an entrepreneur from a different part of the carbon ecosystem and talks about their journey so far and how they are continuing the climate fight.

Why did we create a podcast about carbon developers?

Carbon developers and the projects they create play a critical role in preventing the worst effects of climate change.

We believe the stories of these climate entrepreneurs are worth telling. Their relentless motivation and ability to push through challenges day after day is contagious. Each and every one of them are role models worth following.

You can find and listen to the podcast on:

Season 1 of Developing Carbon Stories

In the first season we have spoken with entrepreneurs from across the globe. From Greg Murray based in Kenya, through to Paul Dettman in Australia, and Gonzalo Fuenzalida from Chile the variety of geographies and project types is fascinating.

Their success didn’t happen overnight and if you ask any of them there is still a massive amount of work to be done. We were amazed by the journeys that Edit Kiss from Revalue Earth, Samir Ibrahim from SunCulture, and Gaël Gobaille-Shaw from Mission Zero have taken so far.

Season 2 Announcement

There were many carbon developers we didn’t manage to speak to in the first season of the podcast. Expect more fascinating stories and inspiring entrepreneurs in the next season coming this Spring.

If you know a carbon entrepreneur and believe they have an amazing story worth telling, feel free to get in touch with us at

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