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DCS 14: Dr Tim Coles OBE of rePLANET

Published: 18 Dec 2023
Last updated: 18 Jan 2024

In this episode of Developing Carbon Stories, we speak with Dr Tim Coles OBE, Founder of Operation Wallacea and CEO of rePLANET, an organisation that funds ecosystem restoration and protection using both carbon and biodiversity credits in terrestrial and marine environments. Tim also helped coordinate the development of the Wallacea Trust biodiversity credit methodology and encouraged the formation of the Biodiversity Futures Initiative.

In the discussion, we explore Tim’s views on the emerging biodiversity markets and how carbon and biodiversity markets can work together to enable the conservation of biodiverse ecosystems.

We also touch on Tim’s motivations for working in the space, and how to go about quantifying the biodiversity impact of projects. We take a deeper look into the ‘basket of metrics’ approach to monitoring biodiversity that is pivotal to the new Plan Vivo biodiversity standard, known as PV Nature, which officially launched last week.

The episode was recorded before COP28, on 16 November 2023.

Find out more about rePLANET here.

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Episode hosted by Daniel Fisher, Origination Manager at Abatable.

Episode produced by Marc Height, Content Manager at Abatable.

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