Financing for carbon project developers

Why partner with us

Abatable offers carbon project developers and technology companies the money and services they need to bring the world closer to net zero emissions.
Financing your growth
We provide bespoke funding solutions at different phases of our partnership with you—whatever is needed to help you grow and get more carbon offsetting projects built. Our partnerships starts with an evaluation of projects in your pipeline and explores ways we can pre-purchase existing verified carbon credits or develop new ones together.
Support and simple process
We understand and underwrite carbon credits delivery risk. We are not a fund manager, nor a bank. We are a flexible long-term partner focused on getting project developers what they need when they need it—including strategic support, business development, customer acquisition and beyond. We help you get the best pricing by facilitating growth and building framework agreements to make it efficient for you to transact, grow, and do more projects.
Like you, we are energized by solving the net zero problem, and want to support larger and smaller developers, as well as younger and non-traditional technology companies grow.

Partner with us

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